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History of Wernli AG

1932 Company founded in Aarau

In the wake of the First World War, the founder, Jakob Wernli, like many other people, found himself unemployed. So, at 48 years of age, he decided to go into business by himself and use the knowledge he had gained in the textile industry. He purchased a wooden tape loom, set it up in a living room in Aarau and  produced Wernli’s first bandages.

Teething troubles

The outbreak of the Second World War caused the fledgling company extreme hardship. There was an urgent demand for dressings from abroad and from the Swiss army but Wernli was barely able to produce anything at all due to the shortage of raw materials. The required quantity of cotton was impossible to purchase and the quality was also poor. In addition, hardly any petrol was available for the car. So, Jakob Wernli salvaged his old bicycle from the cellar and, despite the adverse circumstances, was able to craft a new life and give the young company lasting stability.

Move to Rothrist

In 1941, Jakob Wernli moved with all his looms to an old cotton mill at Rothrist in Gländ. By then, the factory had already stood empty for quite some time. The building was dilapidated, the water power turbines were worn and the walls were in need of renovation. The little tape-weaving mill has since transformed into an ultra-modern plant, which sells many versions of its products throughout the world.

Successful products

The company Wernli AG achieved recognition particularly with its coloured dressings, which were first presented in 1978 at a medical trade fair in Zürich and are now used across the world. Since then, Wernli AG has developed very successfully. The fundamental reason for this has been the high-quality products and many innovations. Besides the coloured dressings, Wernli AG is known for its cohesive and adhesive elasticated bandages. Together with the compression dressings, these are the main product groups. The cohesive bandages are coated with latex or a latex-free adhesive. The adhesive plaster bandages are produced using various raw materials and a range of different adhesives.

2009 Takeover by Felix Schönle

Until 2009, the company was run by Bernhard Wernli, the third generation of the family to do so. A successor could not be found from within the Wernli family and so Bernhard Wernli decided to sell the company to Felix Schönle. The company has been run by the new owners ever since.

2010 WERO SWISSÒ trade name patented

Since 2010, the Wernli AG products have been sold extremely successfully, not only as a private label but also under the trade name Wero SwissÒ.

2012 WeroClip AG sister company founded

In autumn 2012, a sister company, WeroClip AG, was founded. It took over 5 production lines from the company Johann Schwab Metallwarenfabrik GmbH in Hersbruck, Germany, for the manufactoring of bandage clips.

2014 Corporate group restructured

In summer 2014, Wernli AG was renamed Wero Holding AG and, at the same time, production of the dressings was moved to the new subsidiary, Wernli AG, Verbandstoffe. The Wernli group has been part of Wero Holding AG since then.

2015 Partnership with BLN Qualitex AG

In July 2015, Wernli AG entered into a partnership with BLN Qualitex AG. At the same time, BLN Qualitex AG took over the production of technical textile dressings from Kyburz & Co., Erlinsbach. All of the BLN Qualitex AG products will be manufactured by Wernli AG and BLN Qualitex AG will concentrate on marketing its products.